Del爺さんのBeautiful Wooden Machine(美しい木製機械)



以下の動画のDel爺さん製作のBeautiful Wooden Machine(美しい木製機械)は、何もしない機械。

Do Nothing Machine




●Del's Beautiful New Wooden Machine

アップロード日: 2008/07/04
An intricate hand-cranked machine made entirely of wood and glue (no metal or other materials). It was designed and built by my friend Del, using many different woods and incorporating a variety of mechanical motions. He has made several other wooden machines, but calls this latest one his crowning achievement. Del was born in July, 1937. If you would like to communicate with Del directly, his youtube channel is:
Also of interest: a feature article about Del in the magazine Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts (summer issue 2011). Web version here: